The lifestyle of the rich and famous has always been a source of entertainment, and Instagram has only made it more easy and obvious. There’s a whole subculture that revolves around how the young and monied live – here are a few of their torchbearers.

1. Neno

Neno lists himself as the CEO of Advance Crypto Academy, which works with cryptocurrency like bitcoin, and his page also states that he’s the CMO of Ballers Champagne. He makes no secret of his fortune, as the picture below will prove. 

2. Christian Combs

The son of hip-hop legend Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has a rich legacy, a fat bank account, and loads of Insta clout. At just 22 years of age, he lives like a king, and he makes it known. 

3. Michael Louis Maddaloni

This designer and founder of Luxury Lifestyle Magazine lives large, and he’s got the pics to prove it. His feed is chalk full of gorgeous villas, fast cars, and a whole lot of dough.

4. Robert Cavalli

The son of legendary designer Roberto Cavalli, this 25-year-old parties hard, and has the means to back it up. Just take a look at his Instagram if you’re in the mood to feel a little poorer.

5. Milevskate

This Russian fashion icon has a feed full of private jets, expensive champagne, and baller cars. She lives the high life, and she’s not afraid to flaunt it.

6. Peter Mark Brant

This 25-year-old model and socialite hangs with the upper crust, and it’s on full display via his Insta feed. His situation is as exclusive as it gets.

7. Daria Radionova

Daria lives a jet set life in the heart of London, and from her feed it looks like she only travels on private jets, million dollar cars, and other uber luxurious modes of transport. From Lamborghinis to Swarovski crystals, she’s got it all.

8. Taylor Mega

Taylor Mega is an entrepreneur who runs various businesses in the modeling and fashion world, and she spends her money with elan. She’s got over 2 million followers, a whole lot of money, and she’s just 26.

9. Louis Casper Dunweber

This 25-year-old millionaire works in fashion and travel, and he lives a fast and expensive life. His feed is full of extremely expensive cars and other things that only people with ridiculous amounts of money can do.

10. Riddhi Oswal

At just 16 years of age, Oswal is the co-founder of Stop The B, an anti-bullying initiative. She’s also quite well-off monetarily (to put it lightly), with an insta feed that’s got everything from diamonds to private jets.

11. Jass Manak

This Punjabi singer is known for tunes like ‘Prada’ and ‘Suit Punjabi’. However, he’s also known for repping fast cars and high fashion – both of which don’t come cheap. At just 21 years of age, he’s got it going on.

12. Prince PD

This German real estate entrepreneur’s Insta feed is dedicated to the finer things in life that are only enjoyed by the well-heeled. Lamborghinis, private jets, the works – he’s got it all.

13. Steven Sachs

Steven Sachs celebrated his 24th birthday recently – obviously, it had to be on his own private yach. But there’s a whole lot more money on display via his Insta.

14. Shehan Chandrasoma

This guy is balling out – he’s a pro Formula 4 racer and he’s just 17-years-old! He also does some modelling, and has a love for expensive cars that’s on full display via his feed.

My wallet’s feeling pretty damn light right about now.