We all know, the Middle East to be filthy rich and unfairly conservative. These countries, all ruled by monarchs are not known for their progressive policies, especially when it comes to their women. 

Now, the internet is a funny place for those who desire it to be. In one such quest of ours, we came across some of the most bizarre instances of censorship in the oil filled countries. Take a look and have a good time.

1. Justin Bieber

Now, Bieber might not be the one you want to see shirtless but don’t be selfish. There are millions of 18-year-olds girls in the world, probably lakhs in the middle east itself. But these fair maidens were denied their right to objectify the blonde beauty of Justin Bieber.


2. Christina Aguilera

What even!


And then there’s this:


3. Tony Braxton

That is some horrible editing. And here we thought, with all that money, they might find someone half-decent.


4. Ariana Grande

Another one.


5. Geri Halliwell

Well, at least, the ad is as unrealistic as the edit.


6. Rihanna

Subtle. Very subtle.


7. Katy Perry

What is that, a cloud?


8. Kylie Minogue

 I can’t even…


9. Lady Gaga

I take that back. This is subtle.

Huffington Post

But that wasn’t the only time her work was censored.

Huffington Post

10. Madonna

List of singers without Madonna. You’re kidding me.

Huffington Post

11. Shakira

And of course, this one.


So what’s next? Shampoo ad with a covered head? Oops.