Being born into the royal family is what dreams are made of. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a prince or a princess, am I right?!

And now, since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first royal baby, it’s time to talk about the protocols that will follow.

There are quite a few of them.

1. Royal babies make a public appearance almost immediately.

Princess Diana set the trend to give birth in the hospital instead of the royal home like before. It has become a standard protocol for the baby to be presented to the public eye in just a few hours after its birth.


2. The Queen is the first to know about the birth.

Before anyone else in the family is informed, the parents have to call up the Queen and let her know when the baby is born. Once the Queen is informed of the birth, only then the news is spread among the rest of the family.


3. There are no baby showers.

Since the Royals are already so wealthy, the concept of baby showers doesn’t exist for them. It is anyway not a big deal in the UK and Royal moms don’t have to expect their friends to throw them a lavish baby shower.


4. The Tower of London shoots out a 62 gun salute.

It’s not every day that a baby gets a gun salute. But when a royal baby is born, the Tower of London gives out a 62 gun salute in its honour. Other important dates throughout the year that see gun salutes include the Queen’s birthday.


5. The baby’s gender is kept hidden till its birth.

Though it is still unclear if the parents know about the gender of the baby, the public is definitely left clueless till the birth takes place. The sex of the baby is only revealed once the baby is born.


6. The christening ceremony only uses family heirlooms and a special water.

All the Royal babies have to be dressed up in one specific gown during their christening ceremony. It is an exact copy of the gown that was used for Queen Victoria’s eldest child’s christening. The original gown is preserved in the royal archives. They’re also christened in water specially taken from River Jordan as it is known as Jesus’ place of baptism. 

There’s always the same silver-gilted bowl used for the ceremony created for Queen Victoria for the baptism of her first-born.

7. The babies are always named after royals from their own family tree.

Royal babies have no last names and almost three to four first names. And they’re always traditionally named after members of their own family. For example, Prince George, whose full name is George Alexander Louis, is said to be named after The Queen’s Father, the late King George VI, Prince Charles’ great uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten and The Queen, whose name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.

8. No Royal baby is born without the presence of midwives.

Even if there are doctors and nurses present, midwives have always been a part of the birth of a royal baby. 


9. Royal parents get a maternity/paternity leave.

Since being a royal is their ‘job’, the parents can be on leave after the birth of their child. Typically, it lasts upto 6 months for the mother.


10. A town-crier announces the birth of the royal baby.

A town-crier goes back to ancient times where they were responsible for announcing significant event to the public. A town-crier is appointed to announce the baby’s birth right before it makes its debut public appearance.


With great royalty, comes great responsibility.