Imagine this, you’re stranded in your house in the middle of the night and you hear a faint whisper but there’s no one around. Sounds like the perfect ingredient for a horror flick, right? 

Well, people of Reddit shared their own experiences around the same on AskReddit.

Trigger warning: Some of these stories may be disturbing to people who’ve experienced home invasions. Reader discretion is advised.

My sister and I were home alone and we heard noises outside so we looked out the back door and there’s a guy in a ski mask on our back porch going through some stuff. We were hiding and watching him he looked in through the door window and started knocking. We freaked out and called our dad.
I was watching a scary movie with my wife when I heard a scratching noise on the wall behind me. I went,  “WTF was that? There was a noise in the wall”. My wife didn’t believe me. I heard it several more times and thought that I was going insane and I am legit starting to freak out. Then she finally heard it too.
I was about 8 and I was taking the trash outside when a hand reached from the side of our back deck and grabbed my leg. I screamed very loud and they let go and I ran inside. 
I was laying on the chair with my eyes closed when I heard a woman whisper my name in my ear. She told me that I had to get up now. I swear I could feel her breath as she talked. I got up and there was no one there.
I woke up from someone knocking on my door. I looked into the peephole and an old woman was outside my door knocking. I opened it and she just motioned to me to follow her. Stupidly, I did that. She made me go into her studio apartment, which smelled like urine and had just a cot on the floor.  
All the doors in my apartment slammed shut at the same time. I took a walk around the neighbourhood until my roommate got home. 
I received a murder threat by phone followed by a black Cadillac wandering around by my house only to later stop nearby. I also saw a guy with a machete walking in front of my house. It took me a few years to get over that.
Someone broke into my house wearing a scream mask and carrying an axe. I was in the corner thinking, “What if they want my soul and not all of my stuff?” They took my TV.
My parents were gone for the weekend. At the time, some weird paranormal looking stuff was going on in the house. I was watching some random movie to calm my nerves when I started hearing thumps on the ceiling. Really loud. I had the hardest time sleeping that night.
Once while home alone as a kid, I was using my bathroom and heard tiny little feet scamper across the floor just outside the door. I thought I was imagining it at first. But after I looked at the gap between the door and the floor, I could see the shadow of whatever was crawling just outside. It was bipedal. I didn’t leave the bathroom until my parents got home.
I was reading my son a story when he started telling me to make room for the ghost. He was really adamant that I make room for the ghost and he kept telling me to move over on the bed.
I was woken up out of dead sleep by my mom very sternly saying my name right in my ear. I sat up after my bedroom door slammed so hard, it knocked some collectables off the wall. My mom killed her self two years before that happened. I’m sure that was just some powerful workings of my imagination but that certainly fucked me up for a few days.
I had dozed off on the couch while reading. I was awakened by a voice in the house saying with perfect clarity, “I think it’s time to get on out of here.” For about 5 seconds I was totally freaked out. 
I was home alone once, I must have been around 8 or 9 and my landline went off. I answered it. It was a creepy voice saying, “I know you’re alone and I know where you live. I’m watching you.” I never put the phone down so fast and ran around the house making sure everything was locked and all the curtains were closed. Then I hid under the stairs and peeped out to look at my front door window in case I saw anything. 
Two days after my mom bought an ouija board. At 9 pm, I went to the kitchen to get some food and the light bulb exploded and the glass dropped directly onto my head. The kitchen was completely dark now and I couldn’t see where the glass was. Somehow I avoided it but as I crawled out of the kitchen, I realised that all of the light in the house were out and none of them would turn on. The only source of light I had was my laptop so I didn’t leave my laptop until my mom came home from work.

There’s a high chance that the best home alone stories didn’t make it to the Reddit thread because they never made it out alive.