You’ve read our articles. You’ve watched our videos. And now, you can shop for our line of products that have as few fucks to give as you do.

We’re introducing a quirky collection that includes mugs, notebooks, phone covers, coasters, doormats and men’s tees. (Women’s tees are being fashionably late, but they’re joining the party for sure!) And guess what, there’s something for everyone!

We have something for the true blue 90s kid…

Phantom Cigarettes merchandise
Vintage Cassette doormat
Vintage Boombox doormat

… and we have something for the angry young woman, who wants to be heard.

quirky hard cover notebooks

We also have something for the daaru enthusiasts…

Bewda Bollywood coaster set

… and the ones who like to fly high.

b”Men’s t-shirt coming soon”

All the wise liberals are welcome…

Kaafi Liberal collection

… as are the fierce feminists.

Kaafi Feminist collection

And how can we forget the Bollywood fans!

Gunda coasters set
Karan Arjun doormat
b”Men’s t-shirts coming soon”

Chai lovers, we understand your feelings.

quirky chai lover mugs

People who want to watch the world burn, nobody’s judging you here.

angry mugs that don’t give a fuck
b”Men’s t-shirt coming soon”
T se Tatti phone cover
b”Men’s t-shirt coming soon”

All the pet mamas and papas, we’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.

doormats for pet parents

What we’re saying is, the Shop is now open, and everyone’s invited. Come and find the one that was made just for you at ScoopWhoop Shop.