As we recently witnessed the selfie of the century with Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram debut, we listed a couple of other selfies that created history and broke the internet. 

The star-studded Oscar selfie that changed the game. 

‘I’m Tom Hanks and I’m just casually photobombing your wedding’ selfie

The one where Arya and Sansa decide to face-swap: 

Literally the ‘out of the world’ selfie from outer space. 

‘Why should hoomans have all the fun’ selfie: 


Kylie Jenner’s breaking the MET Gala rules mirror selfie:

‘The no selfie zone’ selfie 

PM Modi with Bollywood selfie 


‘Rise of the Planet Chimps’ selfie 


‘Let me take a selfie’ selfie 


‘My trunk is a natural selfie stick’ selfie


The ‘I am George Harrison and I took a selfie in 1966’ selfie 


‘Who flipped the front camera’ selfie. 

‘Mr Bean did it before it was cool’ selfie