FYI, none of these are scientifically backed but they are sure to spook you out.

But, honestly, how many times have you wondered if there’s a ghost around you?

For all those times, we’ve tried to answer your questions here. Look out for these signs when a spirit might be near you.

1. Seeing unexplained shadows from the corners of your eyes might mean there is a spirit around you.


2. Seeing orbs on the pictures taken previously by you may be a hint that the place is haunted.

Forever conscious

3. Hearing constant whispers in your ears as if someone is trying to speak to you even when no one is around can be because a spirit is trying to connect with you.


4. Constantly feeling like you’re being watched even when there’s no one around could be a sign that there is a ghost around you.

Science Alert

5. An everyday object missing from its usual place, only to reappear later could be the work of a spirit.


6.  If you suddenly feel weak, as if someone just drained all your energy could also mean there is an evil spirit around you.


7. if lights and other electronic appliances malfunction for no technical reason, it could mean there’s a ghost around.


8. A sudden and sharp drop in the temperature of a room could be because of the presence of a ghost.


9. Pets acting strange could be a strong signal that they might have seen, or sensed an otherworldly presence.


10. Objects moving on their own could be a sign that a ghost is doing that.


11. If you suddenly smell a strange perfume, or the smoke of a cigar when there isn’t any, it could be a ghost.


12. Feeling the sensation of someone touching you when nobody is actually around may be because a spirit just touched you.


13. Getting goosebumps for no reason might be a sign that there’s a ghost around.


14. Hearing someone calling out your name when nobody is around could mean that a spirit trying to reach out to you.


15. Seeing someone else’s reflection in the mirror might mean that the place is actually haunted by a spirit.


Did you just turn around to see who touched you?

Once again, these points have no scientific evidence, but who knows if you find a ghost after reading them.