There are many unusual wedding customs followed throughout the world, but none is as interesting as the ones followed by some tribal villages in Gujarat. In a tribal wedding on Tuesday in Chotaa Udepur, Gujarat, two would be sisters-in-law got married. But do not think this was a gay marriage between women. The sister-in-law was just standing in for the groom! 

b’Image Source : Twitter/Indian Express’

When Bharat Rathwa was meant to marry Rajni Rathwa in Surkheda, it was his unmarried sister Vechali Rathwa who was actually present at the wedding ceremony in place of the groom. She performed the ceremony in his place, and remained his replacement until the time the bride entered the groom’s house in village Ghelwat, The Indian Express reported.

Once the bride is taken home to the groom, only then is the sister relieved of her duty. Naresh Rathwa, the brother of the bride told The Indian Express,

The sister is like a protector of the brother, who is helping him step into the new phase of his life. She carries a pot on her head filled with rice to ward off the evil eyes that could be cast on her brother during his wedding,

He went on to add that the grooms are not even allowed to step out into the village on their wedding day and the custom is spiritedly followed by the villagers.

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Apart from the reversed wedding custom, there is yet another interesting custom in place here. The groom, and not the bride pays dowry. The dowry is paid in order to bring home the new bride. The bride is traditionally carried to the wedding ceremony by her mother, who carries the daughter on her shoulders, just like in case of Rajni.