The metros and maximum cities of India usually get the credit for leading the progress of India. But while we’re at it, there’s some great things that the smaller towns in India have done that deserve just as much appreciation.

Here’s how small town India is setting some shining examples.

1. Raipur Garbage Festival – Promoted the benefits of recycling and composting

Raipur recently held India’s first Kachra Mahotsav, or Garbage Festival. Art installations fashioned out of bottles, buckets, tyres and other waste were showcased in the gardens opposite Raipur’s Municipal Corporation. The fest intended to promote the benefits of composting and recycling.


2. Juri – This small town in Jharkand named its roads after its most educated girls

To promote girls’ education in India, Juri, located in Jharkhand’s East Singhbhum district named its roads after some of its most educated girls. They come from regular families in the town, and this was done in an effort to encourage, more families to push their girls for an education.


3. Ahmedabad – Declared India’s first UNESCO heritage city

In 2017, Ahmedabad won out over Delhi and Mumbai, the other two cities in the race for the heritage city tag. The town was lauded for encouraging the peaceful co-existence of dominant Hindu, Islamic and Jain communities in the Walled City area.


4. Jhunjhunu – Went from having the lowest sex ratio in Rajasthan to the highest

In 2011, the census deemed that Jhunjhunu had the lowest sex ratio of 837 girls per 1,000. Over 7 years later however, the town has touched an impressive 955 girls per 1,000 boys.


5. Kanpur – IIT Kanpur was the first Indian educational institute to get a supercomputer

Set up in 2014, this was the world’s 130th supercomputer, fifth in India and the first one to be established in an educational institute. It helps carry out research in the fields of aerodynamics, weather and biochemistry.


6. Aizawl – Became India’s first and only ‘no honking’ city

In 2016, Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, adopted a no-honking policy and that too without any official support or legislation. Together, they’re striving for noiseless roads.


7. Indore – The cleanest city in India for years in a row

According to the latest ranking of 2018 by Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Indore is the cleanest city in India. It was also named the country’s cleanest city in 2017. The performance was judged on parameters like solid waste processing, open defecation free areas and provision of public toilet seats.


8. Aizawl – The town with the highest female literacy in India

While Kerala as a state is the most literate in India, when it comes to cities, Aizawl is in the lead. 98.36% of the population is literate (and they also follow traffic rules).


Keep on shining!