Bombay’s popular street-side vendor Bhagwati Yadav AKA “Bisleri pani puri wala” died of COVID-19 around a month ago.

Yadav was selling pani puri in South Bombay’s Napean Sea Road for nearly 46 years. His heartbreaking demise came to light after nearby residents united and started a fundraising drive to collect Rs 5 lakh to give to Yadav’s family. 

One of the residents who used to be a regular at his shop mentioned, 

He was the sole earner in his house. We are in touch with his daughter. We felt like helping his family, so we didn’t think much and posted an appeal on a crowdfunding website. We have received Rs. Two lakh donation in just two days.   
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Yadav was known for his hygiene and authenticity. He used only bottled water to prepare his pani puris and always prepared his snack at home.  

Yadav’s daughter added how loved his father was and how much support he got from his customers during such a  tough time. 

When my father was in hospital, I got more calls from his customers than I did from our relatives. 

Twitter paid regards to this hardworking man. 

The fundraiser campaign for Bhagwati Yadav and his family has been doing quite well. It has received more than Rs. Two lakh in two days. We hope it fulfils its aim so that Bisleri pani puri wala’s legacy goes on.    

You can donate here

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