As the sun sets and luminescence departs, it is said that the forces of darkness come out to play. Creatures of the night have haunted us for thousands of years, or at least, the stories of said creatures. 

Among these are the Aleya Ghost Lights, a spooky apparition spoken about in hushed undertones around West Bengal. 

It is believed to be made from the spirits of fishermen who lost their lives. Pretty brutal, huh?

This smoky ghost is said to inhabit swamps, and throws unsuspecting victims off the safe path into impenetrable darkness, finally drowning them in the murky depths of the water.

Locals have shared unsettling stories about the Aleya Ghost Lights, and most of them end in a doom-like scenario.  


The Sunderbans is said to be one of the places where the Aleya Ghost Lights live and prey upon those who dare to venture out in the darkness.

Urban legends speak of dead bodies of fishermen that have washed up on shore, with a strange pall to their body. Their deaths have gone unexplained.


Sailing in the darkness is scary AF anyway, adding a hellish creature that’s obsessed with drowning you is just icing on the creepy cake.

The fact that we know so little about it, the mystery around it just adds to the enigma and air of fright. It’s not like a massive kraken that destroys your ship – this is an understated but far more sinister being.


So the moral of the story is, try not to go sailing at night. Meanwhile, let’s hope this creature has social media. Then it could read this and know what an asshole it’s being.