During the last leg of this horrid year, I have realised that the only thing that has the power to keep all my pandemic induced anxiety at bay is either puppy or baby videos. These two things are literally the only positive rays of hope in the puddle of darkness. 

Get ready for major baby fever as we have hand-picked the best baby-toddler videos from the internet,  only to fill your day with hope: 

The youngest and the cutest quarantine chef Kobe Eats will you want to wear your dusty aprons and follow his steps: 

Wow, he can really make cooking look like child’s play. 

This 2-year-old toddler is the most well mannered and polite human I have ever seen. He says ‘thank you’ for literally everything!

Just an adorable little toddler doing hilariously random baby things: 

This munchkin singing to his best-furry-friend and giving it a big-bear hug has left us in awe!

Who knew this old video of a toddler crying over wanting to go on a vacation will be all of us in 2020. 

This little munchkin’s reaction to trying ice cream for the first time is the most wholesome thing ever. 

This tired toddler struggling to roll down the slide is my perpetual mood. 

I want to be as chill about sneezing and coughing as this little, carefree munchkin out here: 

This father-daughter duo is making the best out of the lockdown, dressing up as famous characters to take out the trash: 

Mr. Tappy Feet here is having the time of his life dancing in a baby sling: 

Is that a life-size bear or an adorable poodle this little one is sleeping over? 

A puppet dino is messing with this big boy, so he decided to stick a pacifier in its mouth. Suck it Dino. 

I’m not crying, you’re crying.