When you're in love everything seems so different. Like the most mundane things in life seem exciting and all the romantic songs start to make sense. But you know what's even better than being in love? The feeling you get when you know your partner loves you exactly in the same way. 

Even though sometimes, it may feel like we are not worthy of the love we get, that mushiness is absolutely worth it. So, here's Daaniyal & Justh portraying the love anthem of the year that will make you relate to the poetry at every point. 

This anthem starts with a rather melodious tune and the conundrum is if we like our partner more or do we like ourselves less. 

Spoken Poetry

But nothing is a coincidence. We meet people for a reason and sometimes that reason is to fall in love. 

Spoken Poetry Teri Ore

And what is more amazing than accepting everything about the person you have fallen for. Be it the way they talk or just the way they are, every little thing about them feels like magic. 

Spoken Poetry Teri Ore Youtube

What is more magical is knowing that there is a person who loves us for who we are even though we don't understand as to what is there to like about us. 

Spoken Poetry Teri Ore Youtube Video

This emotional spoken poetry has all of our heart. 

You can watch the entire video here.