What is puffy, crunchy and is so chatpata that you seem to love it even more with every single bite? 

If your answer is Fun Flips, then let me tell you your answer will always be right. 

Yep, Fun Flips. The puffy rice sticks that have literally grown up with every 90’s kid. Be it its soluble texture or its wholesome deliciousness, this modest piece of food only gave us more and never took anything extra in return (i.e. our hard-earned money).


The level of awesomeness was so high when it came to these rice puffs that its prices NEVER even increased. Be it a ₹10 giant packet or a now available ₹5 packet (which by the way is a super alternative for dinner), is super cheap and has never disappointed. 

I mean, how can one ignore the fact that this 5 rupee packet was a goddamn saviour when our pocket money was at an all-time low and our mums made some slimy sabzi for dinner. 

Fun Flips

Not just that, even though there is a range of different snacks and chips available in the market every single week, they never compared to the holiness of these giving rice puffs.  


Why would I call them ‘giving’, you’d ask? Because unlike its other competitors that were half air and half tasteless, it fulfilled both of these criteria with its full to the brim packets. In fact, it became impossible to open one without spilling some of these sticks. 


It also catered to our fickle-minded choices with so many different mouth-watering flavours. From a Masala to a Pudina to a Khatta Meetha to a Mocktail, all of them were SO GOOD.  

Fun Flips

This brand never stopped. Other than its amazing flavours, it also gave us the gift of having it in the form of rings and chips. Man, it was so ahead of its time. 


But Fun Flips was not only a cheap and amazing alternative for all those super costly and bad tasting chips. It was also our childhood. And even though it is very hard to find them now, the happiness of eating these puff corns now brings back a part of those good old days.