In association with Kiran Nadar Museum Of Art

2020 has turned all of our lives upside down. The line between what is, and what isn’t normal is blurred. And hope for a brighter future is all that we’re left with. 

As the lockdown blues wear off and we step into the New Normal, the appreciation for life and the need to become better and holistic human beings has taken centre stage. One way we can do that is be bringing some art into our lives. 

With this year giving us what we like to call ‘time to heal, introspect and, go within ourselves;’ the beauty of discovering art and bringing it into our lives is one of the finest ways we can aim to become holistic human beings. 

And that is precisely what the Kiran Nadar Museum Of Art is striving to do. Through their #FrameOfMind, they’re bringing art to us in a unique, refreshing, and an enriching way. They’re inviting us to learn, explore, and, tap into the beauty of art. So, here are 4 ways you can bring art into your life in the New Normal. 

1. Visit art exhibitionsvirtually! 

KNMA is bringing art to us in the most unique form via online exhibitions, where you can explore art, artists, and artworks from the comfort of your home. Through their online exhibition, City Tales, they’re aiming to shed light on artworks that present the city as an immersive ‘lifeworld’ requiring various levels of existential and political involvement; instead of being an outside realm that we step into on a daily basis. 

2. Find out what happens when fashion and art come together.

Art has always been interlaced with fashion in the most enthralling way possible. Overlapping and taking inspiration from each other over the decades. Through their Art x Fashion series, KNMA is exploring this relationship of inspiration and creativity with stylists, designers, and, pioneers from the industry. Featuring the likes of Shivan and Narresh, Shantanu and Nikhil, and Gauri and Nainika, to name a few. Also, stay tuned for the season 1 finale with Tarun Tahiliani on the 30th of August, at 5 PM on KNMA’s InstagramYoutube, and Facebook.

3. Express yourself by dabbling in a plethora of workshops.

Bringing in art into one’s life is a joy only you and your inner self get to experience. And what better way to tap into that joy than through the various workshops available on KNMA’s Instagram page? Dabble in calligraphy, rock paintingcyanotype workshops and plenty more, which will help you express yourself and discover art like never before. 

4. Find out what goes on behind the canvases! 

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve looked at an artwork and wondered what went through the artist’s mind. Well, it’s time to put that curiosity to rest because through KNMA’s From The Collection series, you’ll get to go behind the canvases, exploring and finding meanings to various artworks. You can read and understand what went on in the greatest of artistic minds!

It goes without saying, that through the idea of #FrameOFMind, KNMA intends to help us explore the dynamic and untapped relationship between art and us through the beauty of virtual art. And what better time to turn to art, than now?

So, what are you waiting for? Discover the beauty of art and start your journey with the KNMA #FrameOfMind!  For more information, inspiration and motivation, click here!