If you’ve ever been to the state of Mizoram, you’d see many small fruit shops along the narrrow, winding hillside roads. 

And along the highway of Seling (a small town in Mizoram), the shops sell items such as vegetables, fruits and the occasional bottle of fruit juice, small dried fish etc. But here’s the catch – there’s no shopkeeper to sell any of these things. 


This culture is known as ‘Nghah Lou Dawr Culture Of Mizoram’. Here locals set up shops with items for sale on display. Rates of items are also displayed. A cash box is placed on the table. The owners of these shops rely on the honesty of the community.       

These shops work on the principle of trust where passers-by are trusted to buy whatever they need and put the money in the box.     

Netizens lauded this culture.  

Even though it is 2020, people of Mizoram have shown the country how we all can fight Covid-19 if we go by a certain value system and strict ethics.