You might have seen a lot of pictures where a girl is leading a guy, holding his hand, traveling to various beautiful places in the world. 

Ever since Nataly Osmann & Murad started their photo-series, #FolloweMeToo, with Murad clicking photos of Nataly facing beautiful destinations, holding his hand, it’s been a rage on the internet, earning them over 4 million followers on Instagram.


The couple has since been putting up one stunning photo after another! 


And when they do pose together, they look nothing less than a dream.


Recently, the couple visited the Taj Mahal and Nataly Osmann posted a stunning picture on Instagram accompanied by an even beautiful message describing why the duo love India!

I love India because it has taught me a lot. Not least because it showed me what a relationship between a man and a woman should be like. In India, a man looks at a woman as if she’s a Goddess, and she looks at him the same way in return. It’s a look of respect, and admiration, and devotion. A woman knows how to compromise and hold a dialogue; she always looks beautiful and exquisite, she moves smoothly and gracefully and… doesn’t leave men a single chance to resist;)) #india #tajmahal Я люблю Индию за то, что она меня многому научила. Например тому, как должны строиться отношения между мужчиной и женщиной. В Индии мужчина смотрит на женщину, как на божество, а она в свою очередь точно также смотрит на мужчину. Это и уважение, и восхищение, и почитание. Женщина умеет искать компромисс и вести диалог, она всегда выглядит женственно, двигается плавно и не оставляет мужчинам ни единого шанса;))

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However, some people didn’t agree with what Nataly wrote and the image has since  a lot of bashful comments: 

Well, no matter how much we love our country, it’s no secret that women in India aren’t being treated right.