In association with LEGO GROUP INDIA

Childhood is undeniably the most beautiful chapter of our life. With the purest heart any human can possess, we found profound joy in the simplest of things. From putting on mom’s make-up when she wasn’t looking and scribbling on the walls to spending hours playing with our favourite toy. 

But this year has been particularly tough for all the children. Imagine not getting to play with friends at the school playgrounds, or go for a swing at the park after finishing homework. Sad right? Well that’s pretty much what 2020 has been for all the little toddlers. So is it fair that we celebrate these little wonders on just one day? Not at all! 

The LEGO® Group believes that celebrating Children’s Day on 14th of November wouldn’t suffice. Which is why the brand wants to do something more special for the kids —  a two-week-long Children’s Fiesta. And believe us, it’s more exciting than it sounds. 

The LEGO Group has a very interesting proposition for all the kids out there. So every child has a list of toys they always wanted to play with. And with the festivities going on they must really be wishing to buy them all. But the brand has something fun in mind, and is giving us a rather thoughtful message — Why buy when we can build? 

Whether it’s a dollhouse, a railway track or our favourite animal. Our little friends can build it all with the classic LEGO brick set. There are endless possibilities to what they can imagine and create out of the colourful bricks. This also means that they will have a new toy to play with every single day! Isn’t that exciting? If only I could go back to being a child again! 

So this Children’s Day, LEGO bricks would be the perfect gift for all kids (and even for me). So you can simply head to Amazon to pick out your favourite LEGO brick set and look forward to having a gala time building away. Just make sure to check the floor before deciding to walk barefoot.