Founded in 1935, Moscow Metro is currently the busiest metro system outside of Asia. Josef Stalin envisioned the subway system as what could be ‘Palaces of the Proletariat’. It is that and much more now with 200 stations spread across 330 km. 

It was, however, not always such an artistic establishment as it is today. What started with 13 stations spread over 11 km has now turned into a world of its own, beneath the Russian capital, complete with grand columns, stunning murals and gorgeous glass panels. 

We are not sure if this is what Stalin envisioned but one thing is for sure, he was spot on about the part where he wanted the subway system to resemble a palace. 


1. Prospekt Mira Station




2. Novoslobodskaya Station


3. Belorusskaya Station



4. Krasnopresnenskaya Station


5. Kiyevskaya Station


6. Park Kultury Station



7.Oktyabrskaya Station



8. Dobryninskaya Station


9. Paveletskaya Station



10. Taganskaya Station


11. Komsomolskaya Station


12. Vorobyovy Gory Station

If this is what public transport looks like, we would love to be forever stuck in transit. 

All images sourced from Conde Nast Traveller.