It has been over 4 months since coronvirus took over the entire world. Even though the situation is quite tense in various countries, we can't help but wonder what will be the new normal.

So, here are a few places that have found creative ways to maintain social distancing and are giving us some hope.

1. A restaurant called Mediamatic ETEN in Amsterdam created tiny greenhouse-style booths named "serres séparées," or separated greenhouses, for their diners so they can practice social distancing while enjoying a meal.

Source: CNN

2. A restaurant called Fish Tales in Maryland, USA introduced 'bumper tables' to allow people to practice social distancing while eating and talking in outdoor settings.

bumper tables
Source: ABC

3. A Michelin three-star restaurant in bucolic Rappahannock County, Virginia has placed mannequins clad in fancy clothes as guests on most tables. This is done so that people don't feel lonely while eating while still maintaining distance.

4. Restaurants and cafes in Spain have installed glass partitions on tables to help the diners converse while maintaining a safe distance.

Source: The Local

5. The Penguin Eat Shabu hotpot restaurant in Bangkok has set up plastic partitions and cubicles in between people to contain any spread of coronavirus.

6. Partition boards made of plexiglass are used between children attending primary school in Den Bosch, Netherlands to maintain a proper distance.

Source: Reuters

7. Salons in Houston, Texas are using dividers to separate women while washing and cutting their hair.

Source: Money Control

8. Cafes in Thailand are using pulley system to serve coffee on wheels to practice social distancing.

Source: The Jakarta Post

9. MUFG Bank in Tokyo, Japan has installed plastic curtains across all the counters to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Source: Money Control

10. Starbucks outlets in Hong Kong have taped-off entire tables so that people can remain as far away from each other as possible.

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