Hey bachelors! How are you dealing with this lockdown? Staying at home must be such a drag na?Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are some 15 useful hacks that will make your life easy during this quarantine time.  

01. No fridge at home? You can preserve milk from getting spoiled by keeping the milk bowl in cold water. 

Veggie Platter

02. Wrap your beer with wet tissues to keep it thanda thanda, cool cool. 

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03. Get rid of shoe odour by putting tea bags in them. 


04. Sabzi turned salty? Put 2-4 Aata dough in the sabzi to balance the taste. 


05. You can steam iron your shirt by keeping it above the stove. Don’t leave the stove on a high flame. 

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06. Wrapping bananas with plastic keeps them fresh. 

The Shirley Journey

07. Hang that cooking book like this. 


08. You can transform an empty cold drink can into a Shower Head. 


09. Tennis Ball can be used as a bottle opener. 

Family Handyman

10. Perfect place to hide your hard-earned money. 

World By Mojo

11. No soap? Take a bath with lemon. 


12. How will you put your phone alarm on snooze now, eh?  


13. Egg tray helps to cool down your laptop. 


14. No mirror? Well, you have a laptop. Use it well. 


15. Beer Bottle be used to make round rotis too.  

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