The global outbreak of COVID-19 has bought the world to a standstill. Everything is being put on hold or postponed, especially for those who are working on the front lines. 

These two doctors at the Duke University Hospital too had to cancel their wedding because they were both busy working but they still got a beautiful ceremony.  

Their colleagues and friends at work decided to make it happen at the birthing centre of the hospital. Complete with a dress, flowers, aisle and a ‘just married’ cart! 

The newly married couple even video called the parents and friends who couldn’t physically be a part of this make-do ceremony. 

Every day I feel like we take care of our patients and we’re always so thoughtful and love what we do and to see that, also care so much about us and the things that mean so much to us, it was really touching.

-Shelun Tsai to Good Morning America

Dr. Shelun Tsai is an OBGYN resident at Duke University Hospital, and Dr. Michael Sun is a resident in Duke Psychiatry’s program. The two planned to get married on April 11 in North Carolina, after being engaged since 2016. And though that didn’t pan out, they still got an adorable wedding.