From PUBG to porn, Indian government is known for imposing unnecessary bans on some strange things. Somewhere it is failing to take cognizance of some of the real issues at hand.

We came across a question on Quora, ‘What would you ban in India if you had a chance?’ This made us go around and ask people what they think should be banned in India and this is what they said.

1. Ban Khap Panchayats

Although, SC has declared any attempt by them to end a marriage between consenting adults illegal, these quasi-judicial bodies still continue to function in rural India.

2. Ban celebratory firing

3. Ban the building of statues

We understand that paying respect to our leaders and gods is important, but this nowhere justifies spending thousands of crores on a single statue.

4. Ban immersion of idols in lakes and rivers

5. Ban paid seats in schools and colleges

Banning paid seats in schools and colleges would ensure that there is fair competition among students. 

6. Ban gutkha and paan masalas

Tobacco use is the foremost preventable cause of death and disease, globally as well as, India. While some states have banned the production and sale of gutkhas, a blanket ban on the same should be in place.

7. Ban godmen

Godmen in India behave as gods themselves. Recently, they have been charged for heinous crimes as well which includes molestation, rape, and corruption.

8. Ban the use of pedestrian paths for vehicles

Cities in India are quite unfriendly for pedestrians already. And on the top of that vehicles encroach upon the footpath every now and then. 

9. Ban vandalism

We have been causing excessive damage to our historical monuments through acts like scribbling on them, littering, etc.

10. Ban the use of animals in circuses

11. Ban littering in public spaces

Dumping waste in public spaces is one of the chronic problems in India. Although, some states impose fine on people littering in public, strict penalties and harsher measures need to be in place.

12. Ban firecrackers

A blanket ban on firecrackers is needed to control the present state of pollution in India.

13. Ban polluting vehicles and industries

14. Ban urination in public

Every day, each one of us spots a person urinating in public. This is not only ruining the beauty of our country, but also setting a wrong example.

15. Ban deforestation

The road to our development has been made by cutting through the green cover. Reports suggest a 40% reduction in overall forest cover during the last 95 years and conversion of agricultural land into scrubland, largely driven by mining, agricultural activities and urbanisation.

16. Ban animal torture in the name of celebration

Elephants and horses have long been used in Indian weddings. They are tortured and make to stand for hours just for the sake of amusement.

17. Ban media trials

18. Ban nepotism

Nepotism is widely prevalent in India across all fields, whether it is Bollywood, or politics, or administration. 

19. Ban spitting in public

It is high time, spitting in public spaces should already be declared a punishable offence. Recently, people in Pune were made to wipe off their own spit in public.

20. Ban the use of plastics

21. Ban regressive TV shows

TV serials like typical saas-bahu shows depict regressive mindset.

22. Ban moral policing

Beating up couples, causing meaningless vandalism, condemning elements of Western civilization. all in the name of the preservation of the ‘culture’ is turning out to be a threat to our society.

23. Ban the use of animals in festivals

24. Ban body shaming

25. Ban minority appeasement by political parties

26. Ban the pet breeding industry

Pet breeding has become a multi-crore industry in India. And the worst part is that there are no rules in place to regulate it.

27. Ban discrimination against menstruating women

28. Ban objectification of women in media

29. Ban open defecation

Open defecation poses a serious threat to the health of women and children in India. Poor sanitation also cripples national development to a great extent.

30. Ban paid politics

31. Ban false political propaganda

32. Ban politicians with criminal background against them

According to the latest data, 36% of the parliamentarians and state assembly members in India have criminal charges against them. Criminalisation of politics strikes at the root of democracy and in the end it is the citizens who suffer.

33. Ban hate speeches by politicians

34. Ban religious extremism. 

35. Ban unwarranted censorship

Freedom of speech and expression has always been curbed by the censorship imposed on digital and print media. Very recently, the government’s decision to censor social media giants like Netflix, Hotstar, etc. comes as a regressive step.

36. Ban eve teasing

37. Ban wastage of food

Hunger and undernourishment has made malnutrition a severe challenge for India. Where on the one hand people waste tonnes of food in marriages and festivals, on the other hand, India is home to more than one third of the world’s malnourished children.

38. Ban nosy people asking when we are getting married

39. Ban fairness creams

40. Ban VIP culture in India

VIP culture in India has deep roots. While the Union Cabinet decided to ban red beacons on VIP cars in 2017, the mindset associated with it is yet to go.

41. Ban religion-based politics

42. Ban the social stigmatisation of persons with disability

43. Ban political hoardings on streets

44. Ban dumping of waste in water bodies

45. Ban two-finger test for a rape victim

46. Ban fake news

47. Ban patriarchy

48. Ban conversion therapy for LGBTQ people

49. Ban the need to be married to rent a house

50. Ban mindless shouting matches on TV

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