So, you have an interview coming up with the dream company you have always wanted to work with? That’s awesome! Read on cause then this article is meant for you. Keep these tips in mind while giving an interview if you want to impress your interviewers and land that dream job. 

1. Don’t dress too casually. Avoid wearing shorts and casual shirts. Always wear formals or semi-formals. 

If it’s a creative space, while there isn’t a designated dress code, it’s always good to stick to casual chic, or casual semi-formals. Creates a good impression.

2. Don’t act arrogant and over-confident. Instead, be polite and humble.

3. Try not to be fidgety. Doing so shows lack of confidence.

4. Sit up straight. Don’t slouch or yawn while giving your interview.

5. Don’t lie on the face or in your CV. Be honest about your work experience.

6. Avoid trash talking about your previous employer.

7. Don’t be too serious. It won’t do you any harm to smile just a little; and in a non-creepy way. 


8. Avoid rambling. Do your research well before going for your interview and be clear with your answers.

9. Be careful of what you speak. Don’t curse.

10. Don’t look away from the interviewer while answering. Always maintain eye contact.

11. Don’t just nod at everything. It is okay to be inquisitive. Ask questions if you have doubts.

Good luck for your interview.