The idea of taking one year off after school seems to a comfortable one on the face of it, but many times we don’t realise that this decision also needs to be a well thought out one.

Here are a few points to consider that’ll help you take this decision with ease.

Before you decide to take an year off, make sure that you know what you will be doing during that time. Just having an idea of what you plan to do will be enough to get you started.

Once you’ve decided to take a gap year, the most crucial thing is to make your parents understand your decision. It’s important that your parents are a part of the entire process, so that they can support you when needed.

You need to be clear in your head what the purpose of the gap year is. Even an outline of what you plan to do will help you get going.

If you are planning to enroll in an internship during the gap year, make sure that the companies you wish to approach offer such opportunities during that time period. It will ensure that you know how to prioritise things in your life.

You need to know what your financial options are and how do you plan to sustain yourself during the gap year, and whether or not you can afford it.

Peer pressure can really get to you. You will be witnessing your friends attending college and doing things without you as a part of the circle. Be prepared to face this.

There’ll be several occasions when you would wonder if you have taken the right decision. The key to making it through this phase is to have faith in yourself and believe that things will eventually fall into place.

After weighing all pros and cons, if you feel that taking a gap year would be the right choice, trust yourself and go for it.

You can also consult career counsellors for expert advice. They can guide you through the entire process with their expertise in the field.