It’s been almost three months since the lockdown began and most people have resorted to working from home. This includes our parents, family members, partners and even our roommates. Spending all this indoors with someone can get quite overwhelming and something you have to try your best to not go at each other’s throats. 

Here are a few things that’ll help you maintain the peace at home:

1. Take out some ‘me’ time

No matter who you’re quarantined with, you are still your own priority. Remember to just take an hour or so out to do anything that makes you happy – from an extremely long skincare routine to reading a few chapters of your favourite book or even just watching YouTube videos. 

2. Find productive ways to bond with each other

Just as you’re setting aside time to spend with yourself, it helps to spend some quality time with the person you’re living with. A simple game of ludo with your family or watching a classic film with your flatmate or even working out together will go a long way in keeping you both sane during lockdown. 

3. Don’t bring work to your personal time together

Everyone is working from home in the lockdown and sometimes the work can make its way to the dining table. make sure to leave your work voice and all the stress of it behind you when you step away from your working station. 

4. Communicating how you feel will resolve half of the problems

Frustration and feeling too much is just a part of being in lockdown. No one is expecting you to be at your best behaviour. Just talking about what’s bothering you and how you’re feeling will make way for healthy communication and ensure that you don’t misunderstand each other. You could just be upset about the pandemic numbers but your roommate may not understand why, so talking goes a long way in this situation. 

5. Give your routine a structure so you know where you stand in each other’s quarantine 

If you work 9 hours a day, then be sure to tell the people you live with that. If you’re taking some time out for yourself, then let people know. Setting a structure will make sure that you don’t get in each other’s way and understand priorities. 

6. Be grateful and appreciate the work your quarantine partner is putting in

Be it your parents, your partner or you flatmate, everyone loves being appreciated for the work they are putting. So a thank you here and there for doing the dishes or mopping the floor, makes a lot of difference. 

7. Divide the duties and make timetables

It’s likely that you may feel burdened with the household duties. Go to shop for groceries together, wash them together, take turns doing the laundry and taking out the trash – it’ll help maintain the harmony if you have a proper timetable you can fall back on. 

It’s all about maintaining peace during the lockdown.