Social media exerts an immense amount of influence on global matters, from politics to business strategies. But at an individual level, it can also make us love certain things and hate other things, all of which we probably didn’t even have an opinion on before. Here’s a few things many of us hate mostly because of social media.

1. Pineapple on pizza.


2. Ketchup on Maggi.

Spoons of Flavours

3. Raisins.

Harvest to Table

4. Pout/ duck faces in pictures.

Business Insider

5. People who use TikTok.

Rolling Stone

6. Plain vanilla ice-cream.

Food Network

7. Milky tea or coffee.


8. Skinny jeans.

Your Average Style

9. Wearing your hair in a side part.

Mens Hair

10. Android phones.

Phone arena

Basically, everyone should form their own opinion on things, unswayed by the pressures of social media.