Are you planning to change your lifestyle and go vegan? If you are, be prepared to scrutinize everyday products you didn’t even know contained animal by-products. Things like these.

1. Wax

Bella Mente Salon

Apart from the technique which is known as sugaring (using sugar, lemon and water), all other methods of hair removal used by salons aren’t vegan. They contain animal by-products and chemicals that aren’t vegan-friendly. Luxury candles are made with a mix of honey and beeswax. However, soy wax and vegetable wax candles are just as good.

2. Honey


Honey is an important food source for bees and is being exploited by humans. It has turned into a large industry and deprives bees from essential micro-nutrients. 

3. Silk


Because vegans don’t use products that exploit animals, silk is immediately off the table. Since the fabric is made from the fiber that’s spun by silkworms when they form the cocoons for their pupal stage prior, it isn’t exactly animal-friendly. 

4. Wool 


Since the industry as a whole has been known to exploit sheep for the wool, vegans do not use wool products. 

5. Milk Products


On the basis of animal cruelty and exploitation, vegans do not use any products that are meant for animals. This includes milk, milk produce (cheese, cream, butter, milk bread and yogurt) and eggs. But there are delicious alternatives like soy milk, coconut milk, vegan Greek yogurt and almond milk based products available in the market. 

6. Vitamin Supplements


Most vitamin supplements contain animal byproducts like milk derivatives or fish oil so vegans often tend to avoid them. However, that does not mean you go against the advice of your doctors. 

7. Gelatin


Gelatin (jelly like yellow substance) is made from the discards of the meat industry, including pork skins, horns, and cattle bones. Gelatin can be found in marshmallows, candies, jellies and even some jams. 

8. Apple Juice


According to a study by PETA, many apple juice companies use fish bladders to clarify the liquid. You can of course, just make your juice at home. 

9. Deep Fried Food


Many restaurants use egg in their batter while deep frying food. So beware and just make your onion rings at home instead. 

10. Refined Sugar


Sugar is often mixed with bone char to make the product look whiter. So it’s better to switch to alternatives like jaggery or shop for organic sugar specifically. 

11. Tattoos 


Black dyes in tattoo inks are often made from charcoal which is obtained by burning animal bones. So unless you know a tattoo artist who uses organic or vegan ink, beware of your tattoos. 

12. Paint Ball


The paint balls used in this fun group activity often contain gelatin, which is a strict no-no for vegans. 

13. A Few Alcoholic Drinks


Though wines are essentially considered to made using just grapes, there is a lot more that goes into this industrialised process. Most wines and beers are clarified with fish bladders, bone marrow, casein, and gelatin. However, there are brands like Hoegaarden, Bira and Sula which are completely vegan-friendly. 

14. Sodas 


Most soda companies use insect-derived dyes which are made by crushing dried insects. These dyes are also used in sugar syrups and energy drinks. 

15. Chewing Gum


Some chewing gums use gelatin, which isn’t vegan. However, big names like Mentos, Orbit and Juicy Fruit are vegan, using vegetable based ingredients. 

16. Paintbrushes & Makeup Brushes


Paint brushes and makeup brushes use animal hair to give a smooth finish. However, there are  brands like Sephora, Ertis, EcoTools and Too Faced that make vegan makeup brushes

17. Pasta Sauces


Most pasta sauces, especially pesto, include cheese in their pre-mix recipe. But it is quite simple to find alternatives, just be sure to check the ingredients before you buy it. 

18. Makeup Products


Lipsticks and mascaras contains many animal ingredients like bat feces and fish scales. Even nail paints contain ‘Shellac’ which is made by killing tiny bugs. However, brands like Fae Beauty, Milk and Jeffree Star Cosmetics make beautiful vegan makeup products. 

19. Latex Condoms


Latex condoms contain casein, made from milk protein, and glycerin, which is usually made from animal fat. But non-latex and PETA approved condoms are available in the market if you want to make the switch. 

20. Chocolates


Chocolates usually contain milk or milk supplements. But if you have a sweet tooth then you can opt for dark chocolate which is made just from cocoa beans. In India, Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate, Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup and Choko La’s beans collection are the most common vegan chocolate availible. 

21. Plastic Bags 


Not that you should be using plastic bags to begin with, but vegans don’t pick plastic bags because of the “slip agent.” It is a thin plastic that is often used in plastic bags and other forms of plastic and is made of animal fat.

22. Most toiletries 


Sodium caseinate or caseinate is derived from milk products and used in shampoos and other hair products. Toothpastes also often contain glycerin which is derived from animals. And last but not the least, even sanitary products like tampons and pads are tested on rabbits and subject them to animal cruelty. 

Are you ready to make these changes?