In association with Cadbury Silk

Take a minute to remember who was the first person to wish you on Women’s Day, when you barely even remembered what day of the month it was. Who’s the one to always encourage you and push you to do your best? In our fast-paced, day-to-day lives, we often forget the little gestures that our supportive boyfriends make.

This Boyfriend’s Day let’s celebrate the warmth and love of our supportive boyfriends by doing something special. Here are a few ways in which you can make him feel special: 

1. Appreciation Posts 

If your BF is as much of a social media buff as you are, nothing beats a boyfriend appreciation post with a good picture and a heartfelt caption. 


2. Gift your ‘chocolate boy’ a bar of Cadbury Silk and make his special day a little more ‘sweeter’. 

Nothing makes a person feel loved like a delicious, rich bar of velvety chocolate. You’d know that right? Because with almost every gift that he gets you, there’s always a bar of Cadbury Silk that completes his surprise. So it’s your turn to return the favour and say it with silk.

3. Play a game of PUBG with him. 

Wondering why your gamer boyfriend is hooked to his phone most of the time?  Well, how about you try and play a game of PUBG with him to figure it out. 


In fact, here’s a Silk video dedicated to all gamer boyfriends out there, we’re sure you’ll relate to it: 

4. Surprise him with breakfast in bed 

Kick start his special day by cooking him a power-packed and romantic breakfast in bed. 


5. Plan a staycation. 

Take the day off and enjoy a staycation lazing around with your boyfriend. Spend some quality time as you unwind from your mid-week blues. 


6. Let him pick what you decide to watch, even if it means watching Star Wars for the millionth time. 

We’re sure the smile on his face will be worth it. 


7. Treat him with a spa-day. 

What’s a better way of appreciating your boyfriend than to treat him with a relaxing spa-day?

8. Order his favourite meal and surprise him with a romantic set-up.  

Even if it means that you have to order from 10 different places because he loves his food options and even if it means laying a slice of pizza on fine china, just do it. 


To all the bhukkad boyfriends out there, who can never decide what they want to order and end up getting everything instead, this one’s for you: