Friends are like lifeguards. They make the good times better and difficult times easier. And let's face it, 2020 has been pretty rough on all of us. Even harder because we didn't have our friends around to give us a warm hug and tell us all izz well. 

We terribly miss our friends. Whether it was to go out shopping together, stay over at each others' on weekends, or to simply grab a drink at our favourite bar.*Grabs tissues*  SOCIAL understands what we've been through and has come up with an uplifting campaign to celebrate our reunion with #ThatOnePerson we've missed the most in the last 7 months. And it's swell! 

To amplify the joy of meeting our friends offline after so long, SOCIAL's initiative called #ThatOnePerson allows us to get our first drink together for free! Could this get any better?  In fact, SOCIAL's has also come out with a heartwarming video that captures the spirit of our emotions at the moment. Check it out.

This indeed is the perfect ode to friendship and the anticipation of meeting #ThatOnePerson after the lockdown. 

*lowkey sobs*

So, before you call up #ThatOnePerson and make plans to meet them (while taking precautions of course!) you'd be happy to know that when you visit your friendly neighbourhood Social outlet, tag @socialoffline and your first drink will be on the house! *Yay*

Check out their Instagram page here and do not forget to share your happy reunion stories with #ThatOnePerson by tagging @socialoffline.