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It’s that time of the year again where all our days turn into celebration and the common discussions are hinged on homecoming plans and ways to spend time with loved ones. It is in true sense a festival of togetherness, where excuses are drawn to catch-up on all the ‘we’ time we get with friends, family and closed ones.

No kidding, straight up from Rakhi till Diwali, if one was to draw a timetable – a lot would include visiting buas, chachas, nanis and mamas – to what seems like a never ending dawaat of the best food and a lot of loaded envelopes.

That’s not all, as the same calendar will also have some of the most LIT card parties with friends and cousins, where you win some and lose some more, but come back grinning from ear to ear.

Did you hear us complaining?! Oh, of course not. We love meeting people, giving gifts, eating till our jeans say “STOP” and ending our day with an almost full heart .

You guys caught the ‘ALMOST’, right?

In all the conversations about celebration – what is most easily recounted are the times spent with people — for people. Be it remembering the small “We want” demands of your favorite humans, and gift wrapping them as surprises or arranging for activities to make everyone happy.

But should the celebration really end there?

While a big part of celebrations is about celebrating the ‘WE’, isn’t it also about celebrating ‘ME’?

Oh, don’t lie — there are so many items that YOU have ‘wish list-ed’, so many things YOU have pushed back on, from the beginning of the year till now – because each time you felt – ‘now is not the time’ OR ‘maybe later.’

How can celebrations be truly lived unless those items on the bucket list actually make it to your home?

And guess what? Amazon.in is saying exactly that this year!

Amazon brings you ME In WE through the “Khushiyan Apno Ki, Aur Apni Bhi” campaign by encouraging customers to place equal importance on their well-being alongside that of their loved ones, encouraging them to embrace self and celebrate ‘Me’ within ‘We’.

The campaign is urging us to add collective happiness to the cart of our festive spirit in 2023. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between being the ultimate gift-giver and treating ourselves at the same time.

So this festive season, take 55 seconds out to see this heartwarming campaign by Amazon that shows a mother preparing for the upcoming festive season with everyone on her mind but herself.

So, what are you waiting for? Cater to the “ME” along with the “WE” to bring alive the celebration and fulfill everyone’s wish list by adding to cart their favorites – including YOURS! #KhusiyanApnokiAurApniBhi