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For every student out there, board exams are a time of reckoning. With the pressure to perform riding on our minds, we readily give up all our hobbies for routine-bound days of studying and revising. As crippling as this pressure is, we’re not really alone in all this. Our parents feel this pressure too. They support and care for our well-being during exams. And while they stay up nights and leave umpteenth glasses of milk by our tables to help us focus better, they unknowingly add to our pressure. As much as we love and appreciate their support, sometimes the fear of disappointing them bears heavier than anything. 

This video of teenagers reeling under this very weight of performing well and parental expectations is a heartbreaking account of what academic success has been reduced to. Mirinda, through this video, is urging parents to look at exams in a new light altogether and #ReleaseThePressure for their teens. Sometimes giving their teens a well-deserved break will help them perform better. And I must say, it’s time we made such a change. 

If you’re a parent and you believe in the message that this video is attempting to share, pledge to relieve your teens from the stress of exams. Check out their Facebook page here.