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Weddings aren’t just about the grand romance between the two people getting married; they’re also about different people coming together to celebrate love!

If there’s one season that I eagerly look forward to, it is the wedding season. The cold air, the wedding bells, the alluring decor, the celebration of love, and how #PeopleAddColour to each other’s lives. No wonder the wedding season is the best season! I mean, I’m all heart for #DeepVeer’s adorable wedding pictures; those happy faces, the different emotions, and the coming together of different people at Lake Como… Goals! The couple seems to have had a blast, and now the entire nation is swooning over their photos on the ‘gram.  

Weddings are all about love, laughter, merrymaking and colours. While it is the joining of two people who will go on to build a life, marriage is also about coming together of different cultures. Speaking of which, I stumbled upon this video by Asian Paints and let’s just say, it’s the sweetest thing on the Internet I’ve ever come across. The video shows an elderly empty nester couple inviting their guest to a family wedding; thus including her in their celebration and sharing the love. The video proves how a home isn’t made beautiful with just the beautiful decor; it’s the people residing in it that makes it beautiful.

Watch the heart-warming video below: