Despite limited vacancies, approximately only 1000, every year thousands of students take the Civil Services exam in India. 

Of course, it’s not an easy exam to crack, especially because of the last interview round that is regarded as one of the toughest interviews to get through. 

And nothing proves that better than this video of IAS topper Aashima Goyal’s mock interview round. 


Aashima Goyal secured a 65 rank at the UPSC CSE 2019-2020. A student of bio-chemistry, Aashima had worked in Taiwan and Montreal, before dedicating her complete attention to Indian Civil services. 

Despite her proficient academic score, work experience, and cultural accomplishments, Aashima’s interview was no piece of cake. There were questions she wasn’t aware of and answers she stumbled over. 


And yet, even when she was being grilled continuously by the interviewers, she kept her cool, maintained a pleasant demeanor, and answered to the best of her capabilities. And ultimately, she emerged as a winner. 

Her interview is a reminder that an interview is not just a test of your academic qualification but also a test of your quick thinking and your ability to deal with pressure.