Life can be a breeze sometimes, but most of the time it is a tricky path to navigate. Most of us are winging our way through life, looking for the right advice and answers to help us make it a fun, memorable ride. 

Yung Pueblo, a writer and speaker pens down thoughts on life and love and everything in between. Here are some of his most poignant thoughts to inspire you to take life head on. 

Always look out for opportunities to learn, grow and change. 

The simple art of letting go.

The key to life is maintaining a balance between your good times and bad. 

A heartbreak doesn’t signify an ending.

Life is dynamic, and you should be too. 

Attributes of a good friend. 

Attributes of a good relationship.

When anxious thoughts seem to pin you down. 

One should never fall in love, but rise in love. 

You are the hero of your own story.

Be authentic to yourself, and help others do the same. 

Life is a series of transformations.

Love is the biggest act of selflessness. 

The biggest healer for heartbreak is acceptance. 

These friends are your true allies.  

I am my own source of happiness.