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Day infinity of quarantine. And I just had the most interesting chat with this spider hanging from my ceiling. Turns out the little guy is a web designer. Who would’ve guessed that?

2020 was supposed to be our year right? We were finally supposed to take those trips we’d planned. But it’s been quite a flop show in that regard. We stopped stepping out and had to bid a tearful goodbye to our social life. But more so, because we have to fight this feeling of being stuck at home. Making us realise, how much we are in need of a break right now. And that’s the message that Goibibo is giving us with its new video. 

The sheer monotony of waking up in the morning, attending our work calls, doing household chores alongside, and then going back to sleep has officially annoyed our very last brain cell. Making us feel like no more than robots. And sitting in the month of September, I’m now really wondering, if all this is happening because I didn’t forward that whatsapp message to ten other people. 

Whether it’s doing the laundry, or the constant switching on and off of the water motor. 

Doing the dishes, or presenting the monthly reports to your boss on a video call — life hasn’t never been this dull. 

Just in case you didn’t already realise, pealing peas at home on a fine afternoon is not exactly fun. 

And isn’t it the most annoying thing ever, when you can’t even meet your sweetheart living in the same city? Even worse, when you try video calling them, but get no privacy at home. For all you know, you’re calling them sitting right in front of your parents, because the Wi-Fi is a bummer. 

But while every little or big job seems essential, isn’t our mental peace essential? After spending close to 6 months hibernating at home, it is absolutely necessary that we stop everything and tell ourselves that #BreakBhiEssentialHai. Watch this video to see how much you deserve to relax and take a break right now.  

These are hard times, and we need to be cautious every step of the way. But that doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of a little fun. Even when you’re stepping out of the house, to get the groceries, or to go for a long drive, or simply to take a short trip — hygiene and safety should be your top priority. So do not forget to wear a mask, carry a sanitiser and if necessary, even wear gloves. Your safety after all, is in your hands. 

Remember, #BreakBhiEssentialHai. And, with the long weekend coming up on 2nd October, click here to take a quiz and find out what kind of a break you’re really yearning for. You can also explore the getaways within your city or at a drivable distance with amazing SUPER deals from Goibibo. There are 10,000+ safe stays on Goibibo to choose from. So you can enjoy yourself without a worry in the world.