Sponsored by Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Let’s admit it, Indian weddings are no less than a festival. The week-long gathering of families, the fanfare, the music and colours, all make us want to plan ours someday. After all, everyone enjoys the grand, larger-than-life celebrations! What makes it all the more exciting for us girls is the plethora of festivities, designer ensembles and the opportunity to dress nothing less than a queen (yaassss)

Speaking of dream weddings, Malabar Gold & Diamonds recently launched their new wedding collection, Brides of India and came up with this video featuring Miss World Manushi Chhillar & Kareena Kapoor. The two are seen discussing their big day and trust me, it’s so beautiful that it’s making us wanna take the plunge too! With picturesque locations and stunning attires, it looks every bit as filmy as it can be. And what genuinely stands out is the jewelry, which I think is quite a modern and contemporary take on the traditional stuff that we’re used to seeing. The setting appears so amazing that Kareena even considers having her wedding one more time! Watch it here.

For all those planning a wedding soon, Malabar Gold & Diamonds is also offering all newly-weds a chance to win* a free honeymoon trip to destinations like Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Bali & Hong Kong. I say, get, set shopping!