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I have been the kind of boy, who like other boys, had a relationship with his father where none of us spoke much about our affection towards each other. Much was left unsaid and left to the imagination. In our heart of hearts, we knew we had each other’s backs but we fell short of words when we had to express our love. Some blame toxic masculinity, I blame our unwillingness to be vulnerable and frank with each other. The other day, I stumbled upon a video where I saw a father-son duo have a no-holds-barred conversation about their lives, careers and of course, their girlfriends.  

The son reminds his father of the time when he used to drop him to school on his cool bike which made him the most talked-about student. Seeing them talk sans inhibitions took me back to the old days when I was staying away from my father. I missed him and clung on to the memories we shared. The fondest one being the same as that of every Indian son born in the 90s- riding the pillion on his dad’s scooter. That’s exactly what happens when the father and son in the video reconcile and decide to go on a bike ride just like the good ol’ days! Boy, was the moment adorable! JK Tyres salutes the unbreakable bond that all sons share with their fathers. Watch the video and try to hold back ’em tears: