Sponsored by Tata Motors

When it comes to celebrating festivals, we Indians believe in going grand or going home. And no other festival proves it better than Ganesh Chaturthi. ComeVisarjan, streets are choc-a-block with dancing devotees, chanting ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya.’  If you haven’t gotten the chance to witness the madness that goes down, this evocative video by Tata Motors’ should give you a better picture:

Lord Ganesh has always been considered as the facilitator of new beginnings and people from all across India, especially Mumbaikars who are known for their immense belief in the Lord, seek blessings for their fresh endeavors. This ten-day fiesta is the time when every street is dotted with pandals where people from all walks of life come together and pray to Bappa till the send-off time arrives. Without a doubt, the final leg i.e.Visarjana is a day of smiling faces, immersed in colors and of bodies swaying to roaring beats of dhol. 

And in all of the festivities, Tata Motors’ trucks become a part of the celebrations as they carry the Mangal Murthi throughout the processionAccording to the mythology the mushak or rat is believed to be Ganpati carrier but cut to real life, it’s these trucks by Tata motors that are the unofficial sawari. Perhaps, that’s what makes Tata Motors #HumSabkiPyariSawari.