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I’m the sort of guy who can’t make a decision to save his life. I mean, each time I have to make a choice, there are a million voices in my head saying a million things. Do this, don’t do that (don’t buy a 10,000 rupee dinner set you wouldn’t use) and more. But when the festive season comes, the indecisiveness is at its peak. Which gift should I choose? Should I go for handmade diyas or electric ones? What type of candles should I pick? The deliberation never ends…

Just then, I stumbled upon this video of a guy who is haunted by thoughts similar to mine. It all started when he got a notification on his phone to renew his car insurance. That is when the voices in his head came to life and how! One of them said ‘gaadi sab dekhte hai, insurance koi nai dekhta‘, the other one said ‘pata hai na claim ke liye tujhe bhaagna padega’? In that moment I felt his predicament like it was me in his shoes. Literally, all of us have felt what he felt at that moment.

His dilemma soon came to an end, thanks to Reliance Car Insurance who, BTW is urging all of us to not let the ‘Raavan’ of doubts and second-guessing influence our life decisions. There’s nothing like a solution to all our predicaments and dilemmas, is it? So this Dussehra, let’s vow to kill the ‘Raavan’ of second-thoughts and go for Reliance Car Insurance. Watch this man win over his evil thoughts below.