There’s a whole bunch of videos on the internet involving timelapses of the stars, and they’re quite something. Aryeh Nirenberg has flipped the script, however. He made a stunning video showcasing the Earth’s rotation wherein the Milky Way stays totally still.

That. Is. So. Cool. 

Seriously, Christopher Nolan is probably regretting the money he spent on special effects when he could have just hired this guy. It’s incredible to watch. What starts off as this…

…ends up as this. It’s so surreal it’s almost dizzying!

Nirenberg employed a Sony a7SII with the Canon 24-70mm f2.8 lens while using an equatorial tracking mount over a period of three hours to achieve this. His starscapes and natural vista shots are pretty stunning even if they’re not in video form.

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A trail with nice views.

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But you have to admit, these videos are something else.

If you plan on taking a relaxing break any time soon, check out Aryeh Nirenberg’s stuff on Instagram and YouTube, you’re guaranteed to zone out in the best way possible.