There’s always two ways of doing things – the right way and the wrong. At times, it can be controversial to decide between the two.

One of the biggest confusions being how you hang toilet paper in your bathroom. Flipped over or flipped under?


While there’s not a right or wrong way of doing it, there sure is a judicious way. A TikTok user decoded it for us.

In videos shared by Shay Mitchell, a Canadian actress and model, the TikTok user tells us the right way of hanging toilet paper roll and the reason behind it.

He goes on to explain the reason why toilet paper manufacturing companies don’t want you to hang the roll flipped over the bottom.

Instead, they want you to hang it flipped over the top as it increases the use of toilet paper by as much as 30%.

Oh, and he also talked about the purpose of floral designs on toilet paper. 

Damn, how I never figured this out? BRB, I need to hang the toilet paper roll flipped under.