Comedians often have a very tight rope to walk on, those who choose to talk about sensitive topics, that is. The idea is to make jokes about the whole situation, without being offensive to marginal communities and still putting the point across.

Two things you are not going to see in  the video we're about to discuss. 

A part of comedian Christina P's special, this bit is about how her mother got re-married to an Indian man.

Mind you, "Diarrhea, not cowboy. Indian". 

Someone she describes as - "Temple of Doom" and "7-Eleven not 9/11".

Someone she refers to as 'Turbanator'. 'Every day'.

It's a special kind of talent to say at least 10 offensive things, back-to-back, in a 45-second-video. Gotta give that to her. 

Obviously, it was funny to her, maybe even intelligent - which is disappointing enough. Add to that the cheers by the audience and you wonder was anyone sensible in that room?

The answer to that seems to be a no, but there are people who are calling her out and Netflix for such racist content. 

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?