Most discussions about relationships are about the red flags, stuff that makes someone not suitable for you in the long run. However, there have to be things that make one right for you, too. 

But how is one supposed to know that? Well, instincts and some green flags which serve as a reminder that the said person deserves to be in your life.

green flags in a relationship
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This can be getting you a cup of coffee at the end of the day, or supporting a dream that you feel you can't achieve in moments of self-doubt.

It can be giving you the bigger portion of the blanket, or telling you it's okay if you want to start a new career. 

Really, if you are with the right human, green flags shouldn't be so hard to find.

relationship green flags
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Twitter has listed a bunch of them, so read on, in case you are confused about a certain someone. 

While most of these are generic, you can have your own green flags, stuff that makes someone a good match for YOU. 

Don't stop looking.