Just when I got to know about a Gurudwara in Lucknow organising a heartwarming party for their Muslim brethen, another touching story emerged from the news station showing humanity at its best.

Two young artists, Mohammed Yaseen and Sajid Khan completed the construction of a temple in Shahjahanpur, UP and it’s heartwarming.

Muslim Mirror

Mohammed Yaseen, one of the Muslim boys told The Times of India – 

“I have worked in many mosques and temples and I have not felt any difference. We have respect for all the religions because religion is directly attached to the sentiments of a human being. Disrespecting a religion means disrespecting the emotions of a human being and the holy Quran says that we should not hurt anyone and always give respect to human beings.”
Aao Bihar

Many people donated for the construction of the temple, one of whom said – 

“Every time they entered the temple, they touched the feet of goddess Durga before starting their work.”

While the world is busy facing religious intolerance, some of us are setting examples of communal harmony for the masses. Kudos to them!

H/T: The Times of India

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