You never know who you will become friends with – that’s the message of this heartwarming Humans of Bombay post.

It’s a small conversation between a man and his sister-in-law, who accompanies him for a walk as his wife is currently ill.

She’s my sister-in-law and comes here with me everyday — my wife’s unwell and can’t get out of bed, so she accompanies me so that I’m not alone!
Humans of Bombay/

But what do they talk about?

We talk about a lot — our lives, the people we see walking around here but right now we’re discussing a very important topic!
India TV News/Photo for representation

And what is this ‘important topic’?

We’re just hitting 70 and just about starting to look old – ish… so we’re exchanging tips on how to keep looking young.
Hindustan Times/Photo for representation

Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever? My vote is YES! These two unlikely friends are the most adorable.

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