We all love watching thrillers and murder mysteries. The element of surprise and plot twists keep us on the edge of our seats. But the scary part is that these blood splashed murder scenes are not just limited to our imagination. These horrid crimes do take place around us and sometimes they are just too twisted to be solved.  

Here’s a list of creepiest unsolved murder mysteries that will surely keep you up at night.. 

1. Bella Throne’s Skull, London, 1940s 


Hidden inside the hollow of a Wych Elm tree was the body of a woman. On April 18, 1943, three boys hunting for birds nests discovered the body. The only remains by that time were a wedding ring, parts of the skeleton, and a shoe. Till date no one knows what happened to Bella other than some theories which claim that witches sacrificed Bella in a ritual. Since it was wartime, the woman could have been a spy who knew too much.  

2. Springfield Three, USA, 1990s


A day after graduating high school, two girls and a mother disappeared into the night at around 2 AM. Stacy, Suzanne, and Suzanne’s mother Sherrill Levitt were never seen again. This particular case is a bundle of all things bizarre. Three people went missing, there was no sign of forced entry or struggle and everything around there house was intact including Levitt’s and Streeter’s dog. 

3. JonBenet Ramsay, USA, 1990s 


A 6-year-old beauty queen was found strangled and beaten with a duct tapped mouth in the basement of her home on the day after Christmas. Ruled as homicide, the death of this little girl soon started gaining attention and her own family fell under scrutiny too.  

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4. Black Dahlia, USA, 1940s 


A naked woman cut into half from her waist was found by a woman and her child. This was the body of a 22-year-old aspiring actress Elizabeth Short. Her body was claimed to be drained of blood and was said to be professionally dissected with one breast cut off. Several dozens of people have claimed credit for the crime but none of the confessors appeared to be telling the truth, and the case still goes unsolved. 

5. Blair Adams, USA, 1990s 


What would you say when a paranoid man who has been warning people around him about being murdered is actually murdered? Blair was on the verge of meltdown when he was finally able to make his was into Seattle. He then flew to DC, where he rented a car and made his way to Knoxville. That’s where he was murdered in hotel parking lot with almost $4000 in cash flapping and flying around him.  

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 6. The Lead Masks Case, Brazil, 1960


Dead bodies of two repairmen, Miguel Jose Viana and Manoel Pereira da Cruz were found by a teenager in August, 1966. Both men were wearing identical impermeable suits and lead eye masks with no holes. There are multiple theories surrounding this case. One of the popular one is that these two men were members of a group of “scientific spiritualists” who were apparently attempting to contact extraterrestrials or spirits using psychedelic drugs and died from an overdose.  

7. The Freeway Phantom, USA, 1970s 


Between 1971-72 a man sexually assaulted and murdered six young women who were between the age of 10 to 18. This truly creepy killer is claimed to have forced a victim to write a taunting note to the police. The killer earned his name after the murder of Nenomoshia Yates, whose body was dumped by the side of a Maryland highway. A local gang was suspected and a prison inmate claimed knowledge too but police files were lost, and the case is still unsolved.  

8. The Villisca Ax Murders, USA, 1912 


On the night of June 9, 43-year-old Josiah Moore, with his wife and three children returned home after a Children’s’ Day event. With them were two other children Ina Mae and Lena Stillinger. At around 5 AM, the killer who was allegedly hiding in the attic came out and killed everyone using Josiah’s own ax. A slab of uncooked pork sat beside the ax in the guest room where the guest kids were killed. All the curtains of the house were closed.  

In 2017, a father-daughter writer duo claimed to have solved the case but despite compelling evidence, the case has never been actually solved. And if you are extra curious on this one, the house is open for tours.  

9. The Tamam Shud case, Australia, 1940s 


In 1948, an unidentified body of a man was discovered on a beach in Australia. The only piece of evidence on him was a piece of paper that said ‘Tamam Shud’, which literally means finished or ended. This murder is creepy not just because there is no killer but also because there was no evidence of the dead man’s existence. He was neither the resident of Australia and nor was he a tourist.  A week after the murder the book from which the scrap of paper “Tamam Shud” was torn was located in the back seat of a taxi cab but that also proved to be a dead end and the murder is still unsolved. 

10. Murder of Arlis Perry, USA, 1970s 


19 year old Arlis was the wife of Bruce Perry, a sophomore at Stanford. After an argument, Arlis left for church where she was later found murdered in an almost satanic ritual set-up. She lay on her back with a 5-inch-long icepick jutting from her head. There were signs of strangulation and a large candle lay on her chest. She was nude from the waist down with second candle inserted in her vagina.  

Now go look under your bed before sleeping, I dare you!