Whether knowingly or unknowingly, when it comes to expressing heartfelt emotions, Urdu is often the first language that comes to our minds. Perhaps this is why many of us try to explore and understand the language in all its entirety. 

If you too are in love with this beautiful language then here are a few Instagram accounts that you can bookmark, for a daily dose of all things beautiful and Urdu:

1. Ishq Urdu 

As the name suggests, the page is dedicated to making Urdu relevant for contemporary readers, while still celebrating its original flavour. They post original phrases, famous quotes, and even translation of famous lines by various artists. 

2. Rekhta Foundation

One of the finest platforms for curated Urdu content, Rekhta is listed as the ‘world’s largest archive of Urdu poetry and literature’. From interesting facts about various artists to beautiful Urdu words and timeless phrases, Rekhta has it all. 

3. Kalaam_e_faisal

The page includes original Urdu poetry by Faisal Bin Siddiq. It’s the perfect source for people who have just developed an interest in Urdu or poetry or both. 

3. Kaarvaan

What sets this account apart is that it only focuses on small, two-line curated couplets. And they’re written in Devnagri, and not the Roman script. 

5. Hijr

With a mix of original and curated content, Hir presents shayaris and beautiful lyrics. They also focus on both legendary poets and budding artists, presenting an eclectic mix of content. 

6. Ruhaaniyat

A popular page for Urdu poetry, Ruhaaniyat also shares and promotes poems in English through their stories. 

7. Nazm Aise Bhi

Sanket Singh is the admin and creator of this account, and he posts. simple pieces that are a reflection of his ideologies and experiences. 

Know of any other accounts that curate and create Urdu content that is perfect for lovers of both, the language and the craft? Let us know in the comments section below.