Tata Trusts recently posted a video about their new “Garima mission” and it has won the Internet’s heart. 


In this touching video, a young boy is seen reciting a poem – Mera baba Desh Chalata hai.   
The poem further speaks about how his father is neither a doctor nor a politician and yet he cures diseases and runs the country. 

Nahi hai neta lekin desh ko vo chalata hai, vo Dr bhi nahi hai lekin rog bhagata hai…Mera baba desh chalata hai.
Agar nahi jayega mera baba kaam par, toh ruk jayega India ka har ghar.

He addresses the baffled audience and explains how his father is a sanitation worker and works under extreme conditions so that our lives become easy and if it wouldn’t be for his father, the country may stop working. 

This bold initiative by Tata Trusts throws light on the harsh reality of this neglected issue in our society that has been prevailing for years. In a densely populated city like Mumbai, only 50,000 people are employed as sanitation workers. They work under harsh conditions, risking their health immensely.

The campaign aims at the welfare of these sanitation workers who work under taxing conditions every day.  Ratan Tata in his post used #TwoBinsLifeWins thus urging people to separate their biodegradable and non- biodegradable waste.


You can watch the entire video here: