There are customs, traditions and beliefs that every culture, religion or community follows throughout generations. Speaking of which, there is a village in South India named Gumatapura, in Tamil Nadu, where people play with cow dung to celebrate Gore Habba Festival. Interesting!

While most of us might be disgusted with even the simple thought of stepping into faeces, these villagers prefer playing with it. 

So, La Gobarina is a legit festival that is celebrated every year a few days after Diwali because the locals believe playing with cow dung brings ‘good health.’ 

Videos on the internet taken during the festival show locals playing in a tiny cow dung pool and enjoying themselves. They can be seen playing in the tiny pool, bathing in it and holding friendly fights using gobar

In India, cow dung is utilized for various purposes. It serves as a stove fuel and it is also used to insulate houses. You may be disgusted with even the thought of touching cow dung but for the villagers it is harmless and it has the power to actually cure several diseases. 

Wondering, how the tradition of Gore Habba started?

It is believed that the remains of a saint were placed in a pit in the village which took the shape of a Linga and it later got covered by cow excrement over time. 

Even the deity of the village, Beereshwara is believed to value cow excrement, which is why, the villagers dump the substance in abundance behind the local temple.

Would you want to attend this festival? Let them festive faeces fly!